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Taking a look into the past

Now, we have been around for more than a decade, and we would like to take a look into a great history as well as events that transpired. In this post, we will remember the Palm Springs National Short Play Festival, one of the first festivals where we presented short plays that won the first short script competition we organized.

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Palm Springs National Short Play Festival

January 16-20, 2008

Black Box Theatre, 2248 Ramon Rd.

Palm Springs, CA

7:00 pm Wednesday through Saturday

2:00 pm Sunday

For tickets call 327-4877.

$18 General Admission

$15 Seniors [60+]

Upcoming EventsFrom hundreds of entries, 5 to 6 short plays were chosen for full stage productions. Each play was presented every night of the festival.   

2008 Short Play Festival Selections Included:

The Waiting Room by Jef Freydl

The Baggage Handler by Bill Johnson, Portland, OR

Eight is the Charmer by William Derringer, Albuquerque, NM        Worship by Tom Smith, Las Cruces. NM

5G, 10B by Michael Griffo, Astoria, NY

Not Good-bye by Tony Padilla, Palm Springs, CA